November 2013

Replacing Guilt with Grace

What Jesus Says About Church

Don’t Lose Your First Love

October 2013

The Trellis and the Vine

The Reality of Hell

Pastor Preston takes a serious, somber look at a subject avoided all-too-often today – the Biblical reality of Hell.

Born Again

What does it mean to be “born again”?  Who needs to be “born again” – and how does it happen?  Our guest speaker, Dr. Alan Branch takes us into John, chapter 3, to answer all these questions and more.

David and Saul – When Your Friend is Your Enemy

In this message, Pastor Preston looks at the lives of David and Saul, and gives us advice on what we can do when someone who should be our friend turns into our enemy.

September 2013

Job – Who Does God Have Confidence In?

Pastor Tony looks at the life of Job in order to answer the question – what kind of person does God have confidence in?

The Worthy Walk, Part 3

Pastor Tony finishes his sermon series on Ephesians with a look at what makes a mature Christian.

Is it Right or Is it Wrong?